Apple VR; a render of a rumoured VR headset that looks like ski goggles

Rumors about Apple’s VR headset have been circulating for years, but as the speculative spring reveal draws nearer, the details are getting more real, and some are, frankly, unbelievable. If Apple can only deliver a fraction of the buzzy specs suggested, it could be 2023’s hottest new tech.

New reports on Apple’s VR headset are coming as we get closer to Sony’s PSVR 2 launch next month, you can read all you need to know about it in our PSVR Hub 2 and find out which games to play on day one in our guide to the best psvr games 2. While Sony’s new VR headset looks fantastic, Apple’s proposed technology could win out if these rumors come true.

A recent report to Bloomberg (opens in a new tab) suggests that Apple’s VR and AR headset – dubbed Reality Pro – could be the most advanced headset yet, and will feature an iOS-like interface that works without external controllers, full-body 1-to-1 rendering, and the screen mirroring option from your Mac.

(Image credit: Antonio de Rosa/Apple (logo))

According to Blomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is a regular Apple Predictions come to fruition, this Apple VR and AR headset will use multiple external cameras to track your movements and hands; sensors in the headset itself will be able to track the movement of your eyes. This combination is rumored to mean you’ll be able to ‘look’ at a menu or option, then pinch your fingers to select it – there’s no need for a controller.

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