TikTok health hack sees people sticking garlic up their noses in 2023

A bizarre wellness trend has caused quite a stir, with experts warning it could potentially do more harm than good.

Experts in health and well-being applications, evergreen lifetook a look at some popular health videos on ICT Tac with the aim of demystifying the most absurd advice.

In doing so, they uncovered one of the most bizarre trends of 2023: pushing garlic up your nose.

Several videos promote this unusual move as a way to clear sinuses and help fight winter colds.

Although not a new idea, the trend has seen a resurgence in 2023. As it stands, the ICT Tac the search term #garlicsnots, which appears on each of the garlic videos, has been viewed 115,000 times this year.

The “garlic nose hack” involves people peeling cloves of garlic and pushing them into each nostril for 15-30 minutes to unclog their sinuses.

Apparently, once the time is up and the cloves are removed, the excess mucus drains from the nose and clears the nasal passage.

Commenting on the trend, Evergreen medical expert Dr Brian Fisher said: “Although garlic has well-known activity against bacteria and viruses, putting garlic in your nostrils could damage your nose. and your sinuses; the chemicals in garlic can cause irritation and pieces of garlic can get stuck in your nose.

“Infused garlic would be much safer.”

As is, ICT Tac added warnings on some of the videos, stating that participating in the actions depicted on screen could harm viewers.

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