Here's what Apple's mixed reality headset could offer

Apple Inc. is expected to take on Meta Platforms Inc. with the launch of a mixed reality headset later this year, but the company will likely take a different approach to technology and pricing than Meta.

Bloomberg News reported Monday that Apple

could charge around $3,000 for the new headset when it debuts, a price point that would be double that of Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms Inc.

charges for his Quest Pro device.

Apple’s device, which would be called Reality Pro, will work differently, according to Bloomberg. While the Quest Pro headset has controllers that users click to perform tasks, Apple’s headset could have eye tracking and hand tracking. This would mean that users could look at items in the headset and pinch their fingers to choose one. Sensors would track their eyes and cameras would track the movements of the hands.

Tech companies are still trying to figure out what use cases will get users hooked on mixed reality headsets, and in that sense, Apple’s approach might not deviate too much from Meta’s initially. Bloomberg said video conferencing and meeting rooms will be a key initial focus of the Apple device.

Other likely features include immersive video and the ability for the device to act as an external display for Macs. Users could switch between virtual reality, which is immersive, and augmented reality, which overlays virtual content on a real environment, using a watch face similar to that found on the Apple Watch.

Apple has been developing the Reality Pro for more than seven years, according to Bloomberg News, and wants it to become a revenue engine at a time when overall growth is expected to slow. The FactSet consensus implies revenue growth expectations of 2.1% in fiscal year 2023, compared to growth of 7.8% in fiscal year 2022.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request from MarketWatch for comment on the headset’s timing, price and technology.

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